A Secret Weapon For ebay.com usa

На Ебей существует два вида аккаунта: для юридического лица и для частного лица.

Simply because these coupon codes are typically classification-particular, it is necessary to browse the terms of every coupon code thoroughly when scheduling your buy.

You happen to be in luck if you have served or are serving while in the military services. The listing platform for potential buyers and sellers has set aside Veterans’ Working day, November 11, 2020, being a military product sales working day.

When you've got an additional issue relating to this issue, please e-mail us at Buyer Guidance. If you would like to inquire an issue on One more issue, please use the Make contact with Us site.

Не продано установленное количество товаров в лимитной категории;

I haven't obtained detect that my item has transported, and I requested it four times ago. What need to I do?

I am hesitant to up grade to IOS nine for the reason that lots of the applications mounted will not be supported. I will no really have to use bay via the net which can be significantly from great. I believe ebay happen to be quick sighted and generally towing the Apple Line of forcing persons to enhance the ios and not usually for the higher.

Merchandise is stated as being in California, but if here you Visit the sellers responses web site it's got them in China.

Comprar y vender en eBay ahora es más fácil que nunca. Hazte con los mejores descuentos y consigue los mejores precios sobre la marcha allá donde vayas.

Кровать с Германии, массажный стол, беговую дорожку, большую качель с крышей, ковёр с Англии, аксессуары и конечно же одежду !

Shots won’t upload? Attempt rebooting your mobile unit. If that doesn’t remedy the issue, uninstall and after that reinstall the app.

Юридические лица привязывают аккаунт к корпоративной карте, либо к карте физического лица-сотрудника организации. Физические – к личной банковской карте.

При возникновении вопросов, связанных с продажей товаров, регистрацией на сайте, подключением дополнительных опций, можно написать в службу поддержки.

Work it out people today. If you're thinking that eBay are being disloyal to those who have been faithful to them, You then have each ideal and all the ability you have to prevent utilizing the support - end of!! I'm now deleting my eBay app from all devices and will not likely use eBay once again  until they begin to behave a lot better than this.

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